Spoznajte víťazné projekty EU ECO-TANDEM Biz Programu zo Slovenska

Projekt EU ECO-TANDEM podporil viac ako desiatku slovenských TANDEMOV v realizácii ich zelených riešení. Inšpirujte sa ich úspešným príkladom eko-tranformácie.

Thanks to the EU ECO-TANDEM project, the winning companies had the opportunity to implement innovative sustainable solutions. Check the Slovak winning companies:

Maladinovo s.r.o. and Solved s.r.o.

Innovative company Solved has found one of the most experienced experts in the field of green roofs for Maladinovo - Mr. Branislav Siklienka. Mr. Siklienka is the President of Slovak Association of Green Roofs. With all his knowledge and experience, Maladinovo got the best education in the field of green roofs – its types, creation, ecological benefits, she showed us several examples from all over the world of how green roofs help the environment. Green roofs can even work in “symbiosis” with photovoltaic panels, which is a great as Maladinovo already uses photovoltaic systems. Now they can spread all the knowledge that they got from the experts among tourism colleagues and other businesses and inspire them. They believe that they will continue with the project activities and benefit from green roofs. They also would like to build an information board so that we can educate our guests, with a vivid example of implementation.


Kaštieľ Gbeľany (Chateau Gbeľany), s.r.o. and CYRKL Zdrojová platforma, s.r.o.

The implementation of separation of kitchen bio-waste and its composting in an electric composter will reduce the overall production of bio-waste and thus the financial costs associated with its disposal. Once composting of the hotel park and kitchen bio-waste will be introduced, the resulting compost can be used within the hotel park as fertiliser. In this way, an optimal circular solution for the treatment and use of bio-waste will be created directly in the hotel facility. The introduction of municipal waste separation within the hotel park will increase the recycling rate of waste materials. Also, CYRKL offers monitoring of the solutions adopted for the following months. Moreover, since Chateau Gbeľany is a National Heritage of the Slovak Republic, the introduced solutions can be a source of inspiration for other hotel establishments with the title of National Heritage. In particular, the design and placement of the bins for separated municipal waste (approved by the Regional Heritage Office in Žilina) can be an illustrative example for similar hotel facilities. 


Nebo nad Štiavnicou s.r.o. and Obnova s.r.o.

The TANDEM paid great attention to the correct evaluation of the current situation and the subsequent feasibility analysis. Obnova, as a leader in the field of sensitive renovation of authentic buildings, was very keen on to demonstrate this project as a reference for how to proceed with energy savings in historic houses in a period of current energy crisis. Obnova operates primarily in the field of renovation of state cultural monuments, where the demands for energy savings are not as challenging as in the case of private investors. The state is currently having problems managing monuments in terms of their operational conservation and the need has not yet shifted to necessity to lower their energy costs. TANDEMees agreed to support this approach with concrete energy savings calculations that confirmed their estimate. This was a very key milestone for them: without any inputs, only on basis of our former experience, they empirically defined lowering or the energies by 30% without destroying its authentic value. This was finally confirmed and even overachieved by exact calculations.


Agritours Slovakia CK s.r.o. and dsign s.r.o.

The main focus of the TANDEM was to prepare a project for rebuilding the old container. Agritours gained knowledge and they will continue in their efforts at their own expense. They will continue in the rebuilding project of the old container on wheels using the acquired know-how and information obtained, their business plan has a vision of increasing our present number of clients by +25%. From a cultural and environmental perspective, this project will definitely bring Agritours on a higher level, will impact their customers and their higher level of sustainability understanding by experiencing the new environmental solutions. They will reduce their energy needs by using photovoltaic panels producing green energy, by using the compost toilette they will also significantly reduce the water consumption and water pollution. By recycling the old container which is presently considered to be an environmental waste, they will reduce the material needs. Their action plan can be a living example for the future old container on wheels recycle process including the energy and water usage savings providing the solution sustainability.

Gymes turist s.r.o. and Solved s.r.o.

Thanks to the company Solved, educational seminars with an experienced and educated water expert were held. The employees of company Gymes turist understood the need to protect water. The sessions on water were in depth and the company is able to take the necessary steps, make the best decisions in its current situation to be as ecological and economical as possible. They have the authority to make further changes and improvements to capture rainwater, improve stormwater quality, deal with organic waste, improve soil and much more. During the advisory sessions, tourism company were also advised on choosing the right tank bacteria, pumping technology, etc. They believe that they will be able to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice in the near future. This case study can serve as a pioneering project for other tourist accommodations in Slovakia and abroad. They want to continue to spread awareness with our tourist community.


Mountain Gate Suites & Spa s.r.o. (Šport Hotel Donovaly) and CYRKL Zdrojová platforma, s.r.o.

CYRKL delivered training courses for hotel staff that will have a direct impact on the general environmental knowledge of employees. The training will also have a positive impact on hotel visitors as one of the outcomes of the training will be educational materials. In addition, the educational materials are fully available to the hotel staff so that we can use them for training new hotel employees in the future. Company  Mountain Gate Suites & Spa s.r.o. expect to achieve energy savings and a reduction in the production of bio-waste and plastic packaging in the hotel´s daily operations. The experience attained during the training course and the know-how gained during the project will allow the hotel to present its green initiative to the competition in the industry and motivate other hotels to join in effective waste management and waste separation.


TatryPEM s.r.o. and Klimapatenschaft Tourismus GmbH

Comprehensive analysis and development of the measures to reduce consumption in the hotel (water, energy, waste, etc.) – that was the main goal of the TANDEMEEs cooperation. The cooperation enabled knowledge and know-how exchange between Germany and Slovakia. German company Klimapatenschaft Tourismus helped to raise awareness among the hotel staff and guests about energy consumptions and related sustainability issues through workshops and communication activities. Thanks to their Action Plan company TatryPEM have increased the general sustainability of their hotel by gaining the know-how in the sustainability field. Now they can bring new ideas and challenges to our long-term goals in this important environmental area. TatryPEM can start with simple and quick measures and over time develop more extensive measures that cost time and money.


SCamp s.r.o. and Atelier Papaver s.r.o.

The main implemented activities realized thanks to the project were initial study visit; coaching and mentoring sessions for a feasibility study; specific technical assessment at the SME premises; advisory services in the field of market analysis; specialised training around managing operations; specialised training to the SME key staff; specialised training around environmental and social impact. They are truly convinced that this kind of project, when brought into reality, has strong potential to inspire and motivate a sustainable lifestyle not only for our customers, but also the broader public we reach and also other SMEs in Slovakia.


Moxie. s.r.o. and Elexia

Companies worked on the online application. They intent to spread awareness of the application on social media through personal conversations, blogs and travel stories. The project implemented by the companies has the potential to reach completely new target groups, as it is inherently innovative. It focuses not only on groups, it is primarily intended for individual clients, which means that it will also be applicable in case of unexpected situations. The project offers open possibilities for further business in tourism in the region, which will increase the added value of the services provided.


Martox s.r.o. and CYRKL Zdrojová platforma, s.r.o.

The TANDEM was planning step by step implementation of the waste management upgrade for the guest house City Penzion Kosice in cooperation with the company CYRKL. It included change of waste management to be compliant with Slovak legislation, training and education of City Penzion Kosice employees in the field of waste management, information campaign to our guests in the field of waste separation. The company Martox planning to implement solutions from the project based on their own funds step by step. After successful implementations of all waste management, the company Martox will work on energy and water savings to have some financial benefits as well as to become a step forward to be a green place in the future as it is their long-term ambition.

Július Zbuška, Veronika Zbušková - právny nástupca and Everyone on the bike - Daniela Kollárová

The TANDEM worked on the development of the platform that would support new types of innovative projects in order to use integrated marketing in tourism, innovative information and educational programs and the like. A well-constructed strategy will make it possible to mutually integrate personnel and technical capacities, which will only make it possible to multiply the synergistic effects of the entire joint effort. It is a brand new (so far on the territory not implemented) impulse in the offer of SME participation in the development of the region with the possibility of influencing the effects of the respective intentions. The benefit of this project is the emphasis for sustainable transport - cycling. Creating a product for cyclists and tourists that will be accessible throughout the year and for everyone. Companies intent to promote cycle routes, attractions for cyclists in the region, and natural cultural-historical locations in the region. Cycling is gaining more and more fans and they would like to motivate people to geographize their bike further.

Ing. Norbert Pánisz novotravel and Junity s.r.o.

The innovative company Junity s.r.o. helped the tourism SME find solution that should bring 50-70% reduction of paperwork thanks to functions which enables reaching this goal (digital documentation archiving, automatic emails to customer and others). The data will be used to promote the spread of the application in the local community. This solution will have an impact on the local community as much as it will be offered to similar SME partners.


Elegance Travel and CYRKL Zdrojová platforma, s.r.o.

Elegance Travel has successfully implemented a survey within their office, integrating ecological solutions during the reconstruction process. As a result, they have been able to incorporate energy-saving recommendations for their regular office operations, leading to potential energy and cost savings. Elegance Travel has plans to replace the existing light bulbs and lighting fixtures in their offices, further enhancing their energy efficiency. In addition, Elegance Travel has made conscious choices by including gift items made from recycled materials in their client selection. The tour operator has also utilised information regarding the carbon footprint of tourism on their social networks, actively raising awareness about the environmental impact of travel. They provide their clients with detailed information about the sustainable hotels they offer, emphasising their commitment to eco-friendly practices.